Introducing the first smart clock designed for kids.
  • Kids love becoming independent!

  • You relax instead of stressful nagging...

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Goally Device

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Goally is for every child...

  • Easily Distracted

  • ADHD

  • Autism

  • Developmental Disabilities

"It's amazing! I no longer have to do any morning wrangling for her"

-Laura(Mom) - Beta Tester

"It tells me what to do and I am never in a rush...I LOVE my Goally."

-Tory(9) - Beta Tester

"I'm excited about the potential Goally has to help children on the spectrum, and their parents"

-Chantal Sicile-Kira • Author, speaker, consultant • President

How It Works


Enter activities

Parents and kids collaborate to enter routines and activities into the myGoally app or myGoally website.

Step 2

Goally reminds kids

Goally uses music tunes and fun lights to remind kids of when it is time for an activity.

Report Card

Report card

Kids complete the activity, parents receive a notification and get a report card.



Self-reliant and empowered child!

Goally Device


Modify music tunes, avatars, and the display style to suit your child's preference.

Fun for children

As children complete activities, they earn points which they can use for games and rewards.

Gives reminders

Audio and visual cues help remind children of their upcoming activities.

Easy to setup and use

Goally seamlessly connects to the cloud using your Wi-Fi network.

Goally App

Create routines

Parents and children can enter recurring or one-time routines.

Report cards

Assess progress with automatic app notifications and receive weekly report cards.

Global access

Access the myGoally portal where you can create and track activity schedules.