Goally - Smart Clock for Kids


Goally is the first smart clock designed for kids. It uses gamification to help teach time management and planning skills to kids.


  • 2.4" touch screen shows kids time, activity details, weather and more.
  • Built in Speaker for customizable audio reminders
  • Visual reminders using bright color LEDs
  • Create/Review activities anywhere with the Wi-Fi supporting 802.11 b/g/n standards
  • Portable design with built in rechargeable battery

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How It Works

Step 1

Create routines for your kids online.

Step 2

Goally lets them know when it's time for an activity.

Step 3

Kids finish activities and earn points to spend on fun stuff.

Step 4


Goally Device


When will Goally be available?

Goally is scheduled for full release to the public in summer 2017. There will also be beta testing releases with selected pre-order customers from Sep 2016 to Mar 2017. Please contact us if you would like to be part of the beta-testing program!

What benefit do I get from pre-ordering?

(1) You will be among the first people to get your Goally, and you will be eligible to participate in Beta trials for early access in Sep-Nov.

(2) Discounted early-supporter price, compared to $139 after Goally is released.

I love this idea! How can I help?

Pre-order your Goally! Having customer pre-orders shows our investors that there is widespread support for Goally. More investment means more engineers, which means an earlier release.

Thanks so much for considering being an early Goally supporter!

How does Goally help kids complete their tasks?

Kids love being their own "boss" and developing independence. They also thrive on routines. Goally uses a variety of proven methods, such as a race-against-the-clock and points-based incentive system, to motivate kids to complete their activities on their own. This builds their self-esteem as well as developing the essential independence they need for their long term success.

More time for kids to be kids!

How does Goally provide a reminder?

Goally uses customizable music/tone, changing lights, and on screen messages to remind kids of an activity.

How many children can a Goally support?

Goally is designed to support one child's routines and activities.

Can Goally be used if my child can't read as yet?

Besides text, Goally also uses images for each activity to help provide reminders to children.

How does Goally help parents?

Goally motivates kids to get tasks done on their own and have fun doing them. This relieves parents of a lot of the mindless reminders, pain of being the enforcer, and stress of being under time pressure. The myGoally report cards help provide a view of the child's strengths and weakness and can further be used to help align incentives for children. Goally also helps parents teach critical executive functioning skills to their children while leaving more time for the fun stuff.

More time for you to enjoy your children instead of nagging them!

How do I keep track of all the activities that my child completed?

The customizable instant app notification, myGoally dashboard, and myGoally report card are all ways to help you keep informed of your children's activities. If you feel that an activity was not completed correctly, you have the option of changing the status using the myGoally app/website.

Is Goally suitable for children with autism or other special needs?

We are receiving great encouragement from the autism and special needs community, and customizing Goally with additional special features to help these children is currently our top engineering priority. We have not tested Goally with any special needs children yet though.

If you are a parent, or otherwise involved, in the the special needs community, we would love for you to contact us below so we can have your child's needs in mind as we design these new customized features.

Please see "How Can I Help?" above for additional information on how to support this mission.