Welcome to the Goally family.

Goally was founded on the core values of family, wellness and living life to its potential.

As parents, we want our kids to accomplish all that they dream possible. And as we work hard to give our kids these opportunities, needless to say, it's not easy with life's many challenges. We need tools to help.

Kids, especially today, almost instinctively bond with technology. So why not use that in a positive way, where they learn important skills that they will use for the rest of their lives?

Goally does just that. It teaches kids how to plan their day, manage their time and gives parents a tool that facilitates communication with their kids.

Our goal is to help kids be independent, self-reliant and empowered to fulfill their dreams. So help your family thrive, we are in it with you.

Goally Team

Sasi Movva

Sasi Movva

Parent and CEO

Francis Diancin

Ed Johnson

Parent and CTO

Chelsea Young

Daragh Brangan



Dr. Daniel Hettleman
Psychologist. Parent &
child counsellor

Lee Giacoletto
Over 40 years experience
with hardware

Matt Reisman
Cofounder & former
CEO, Rachio